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APA's Division 6 Calls for New Members

Division 6 of the American Psychological Association consists of more than 400 members who share the common goal of advancing neuroscience and comparative psychology. Division 6 supports research funding by educating Congress about the increased quality of life and the cost savings that flow from physiological and comparative psychology.

Please click this link to open a .zip file with a flyer with more details about Division 6 as well as an application form for new members.  Please note:  You do not have to be a member of the APA to be a member of Division 6.  Membership is free for graduate students, and right now membership is free for faculty and postdocs for the first year, with low yearly dues in subsequent years.

Report of the One Hundred and Third Annual Meeting

The One Hundred and Fifth Annual SSPP meeting was held February 28–March 1, at the Sheraton Austin at the Capitol hotel in Austin, TX. Dr. Daniel Weiskopf (Georgia State University) managed local arrangements.

Dr. Rik Hine (Texas Christian University) chaired the philosophy program committee. The philosophy program consisted of 76 papers, 24 with commentaries, in 25 sessions with 10 invited sessions (including 4 invited speakers). 69 colleges, universities, and other institutions were represented.

Dr. Justin Couchman (Fredonia State University) chaired the psychology program committee. The psychology program consisted of 53 papers in 14 sessions with 7 invited sessions and 1 Key L. Barkley Symposium on the History of Psychology. Forty colleges, universities, and other institutions were represented.

The President’s Invited Speaker was Dr. Susan Schneider (University of Connecticut, Storrs). Her talk was “Rethinking Physicalism.”

The Society’s annual business meeting was a plenary session. Each year, the SSPP bestows the Richard M. Griffith Memorial Award to members or applicants for membership who are doctoral candidates or have received the doctoral degree within the last five years. The Griffith Award Committee selects the philosopher and the psychologist who give the papers of highest merit. Dr. Tom Polger (University of Cincinnati) chaired the Griffith Committee for Philosophy, which recognized Paul Carron (Baylor University) for his paper “Little Brains, Little Moral: A Neo-Aristotelian Response to de Waal’s Primates and Philosophers.” Dr. J. David Smith (University at Buffalo, SUNY) chaired the Griffith Committee for Psychology, which recognized Bonnie Perdue (Georgia State University) for her paper, “Do Monkeys Choose to Choose?” The award carries a $300 cash prize and commemorative paperweight.

Graduate Student Travel Awards were given to Mikio Akagi, Danielle Wylie, T. J. Kasperbauer, and Devon Bryson. Council recommended approval of 8 applicants for full membership and 17 applicants for associate membership in Philosophy. These applications were approved unanimously. Council recommended approval of 4 applicants for full membership and 4 applicants for associate membership in Psychology. These applications were approved unanimously.


Recent Books Published by SSPP Members

Schwartz, B. L., & Krantz, J. H. (2015). Sensation and Perception. Sage.







Georgalis, N. (2015).  Mind, Language, and Subjectivity. Routledge.








Schwartz, B. L. (2014). Memory: Foundations and Applications, 2nd Edition. Sage Publishers: Thousand Islands, Ca.







Rumbaugh, D. M. (2013). With Apes in Mind.  KB Press. 

Click here for website.






Beran, M. J., Brandl, J., Perner, J., & Proust, J. (Eds.) (2012). Foundations of Metacognition. Oxford University Press.







Fred Adams and Ken Aizawa published The Bounds of Cognition (Wiley-Blackwell; 2008).







Nicholas Georgalis published The Primacy of the Subjective: Foundations for a Unified Theory of Mind and Language (MIT Press, 2006)







David A. Washburn edited Primate Perspectives on Behavior and Cognition (APA Books; 2006).







Duane Rumbaugh and David Washburn published Intelligence of Apes and Other Rational Beings (Yale University Press; 2003).




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