Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology 

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Highlights of the 2016 Program


President's Invited Speaker

Thalia Wheatley

Dartmouth College



 Presidential Address

  Bennett Schwartz

Florida International University



Invited Speakers


JoŽlle Proust
Institut Jean-Nicod

James Nairne
Perdue University


Elisabeth Bacon
Strasbourg University Hospital, University of Strasbourg, Francerham University

Scott Lilienfeld
Emory University


Invited Symposia

A symposium in celebration of the work of Fred Dretske

    Chaired by Fred Adams (University of Delaware) and Brian McLaughlin (Rutgers University)


Symposia in Philosophy

Chaired by Laurie Paul (UNC ĖChapel Hill) Matthew Fulkerson (UC-San Diego) Kristin Andrews (York University)


Issues in African-American Psychology

Chaired by Monnica Williams (University of Louisville)


Issues in Perception

Chaired by John Krantz (Hanover College)


Issues in Comparative Psychology

Chaired by Michael Beran (Georgia State University)



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