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Highlights of the 2015 Program


President's Invited Speaker

Susanna Siegel

Harvard University



 Presidential Address

  Berit Brogaard

University of Miami



Invited Speakers


Ruth G. Millikan
University of Connecticut

Kathleen Akins
Simon Fraser University

Bob Kentridge
Durham University

James Pennebaker
"How the Words We Use Reflect Who We Are"

University of Texas at Austin

Janet Metcalfe
"Metacognition of Agency"

Columbia University



Invited Symposia

Making and Faking Emotions
Adam Kovach (Marymount University)
Laura Sizer (Hampshire College)
Craig DeLancey (SUNY, Oswego)

Ophelia Deroy (University of London)
Jennifer Matey (Florida International University)

Morgan's Canon
Eric Saidel (George Washington University)
Jennifer Vonk (Oakland University)
Simon Fitzpatrick (John Carroll University)

Natural Kinds
Dan Weiskopf (Georgia State University)
Brian Keeley (Pitzer College)
Jackie Sullivan (Western University)
Muhammed Ali Khalidi (York University)

Special Session: Philosophy for Cognitive Scientists

Heidi Maibom (University of Cincinnati)
Shannon Spaulding (Oklahoma State University)
Pete Mandik (William Patterson University)
Cameron Buckner (University of Houston)


The Natural World and Cognition:
Implication for Psychological Well-Being
Chaired by: Megan Hoffman (Piedmont College)


A Comparative Look at Perception
Chaired by: Audrey Parrish (Georgia State University


Honoring Roger K. Thomas in His Contributions
to Behavioral Neuroscience Research
Chaired by: Bill McDaniel (Georgia University)


Language Acquisition and Processing
Chaired by: Lisa Heimbauer (Penn State University)

Cognitive Psychology of Music
Chaired by: Bennett Schwartz (Florida International University)
Zehra Peynircioglu (American University)
Reyna Gordon (Vanderbilt University)
Edward J. Golob (Tulane University)
William Brent (American University)

Psychology of Eating
Chaired by: Leslie Frazier (Florida International University)

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