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Highlights of 2017 Meeting

President's Invited Speaker

David Chalmers

Australian National University and New York University

Presidential Address

  Amy Kind

Claremont McKenna College


Invited Speakers

Bence Nanay
University of Antwerp

Frederique de Vigemont
Institut Jean-Nicod

Jenny Saffron
University of Wisconsin, Madison

Don Dewsbury
University of Florida

Lynne Nygaard
Emory University

Michael Toglia
University of North Florida


Invited Symposia

Belief, Delusion, and Imagination
Chaired by Dimitria E. Gatzia (Akron)
Sam Wilkinson (Durham)
Ian Gold (McGill)
Neil Van Leeuwen (Georgia State)

Russellian Monism
Chaired by Amy Kind (Claremont McKenna)
Torin Alter (Alabama)
Melissa Ebbers (UNC)
Robert Howell (Southern Methodist)

Perception, Appearance, Representation:
Grace Helton (Princeton)
Maarten Steenhagen (Antwerp)
Derek Brown (Brandon)
Chris Buford (Akron)

Authors Meet Critics:
The Multiple Realization Book
by Thomas Polger & Lawrence Shapiro
Mazviita Chirimuuta (Pittsburgh)
Trey Boone (Pittsburgh)
Daniel Weiskopf (Georgia State)


Language Acquisition
Chaired by Christopher Conway (Georgia State)

Eyewitness Memory Research
Chaired by Rolando Carol (Auburn)


Metacognition and Consciousness
Chaired by Bennett Schwartz (Florida International)

Emotion Effects in Language, Memory, and

Chaired by Stephanie Kazanas (Tennessee

Cognitive Psychology at 50
Chaired by David Washburn (Georgia State)


Joint Psychology/Philosophy Symposium:
Research with Captive Animals: Benefits and Ethical Issues

Chaired by Lauren Taglialatela (Kennesaw State)

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