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Griffith Memorial Award

Click here for a history of the Griffith Award by James Pate

Each year during the SSPP meeting, two papers are given special recognition with the Richard M. Griffith Memorial Awards. The rules for this competition state that applicants must either have received their Ph.D. no more than five years prior to the date of the annual meeting at which the paper is presented or must be current candidates for the Ph.D. All Griffith Award applicants must be either SSPP members or applicants for membership in SSPP. Although papers by one author are preferred, in certain circumstances papers by more than one author can be considered. In that case, the eligible nominee for the Griffith Award must be the first author, and it must be clear that the nominee contributed the vast majority of the effort to the project. If you or one of your students qualifies under the stated rules, the Council encourages submission of a paper. Applicants for the Griffith Award must submit full papers prior to the annual meeting at which they present those papers. Details are provided in the annual call for papers. The Griffith Award committee evaluates both the written paper and the presentation at the annual meeting to help determine the winners. In addition to the award, winners also receive a cash prize of $300. The winners are announced and the cash awards are presented at the business meeting that concludes the conference.

Philosophy Winners:

1958         Joseph Margolis, University of South Carolina
1959         William Thomas Blackstone, University of Florida
1960         William Thomas Blackstone, University of Florida
1961         William Thomas Blackstone, University of Florida
1962         Donald W. Sherburne, Vanderbilt University
1963         Richard A. Smyth, University of North Carolina
1964         John T. Wilcox, Emory University
1965         Edward M. Galligan, University of North Carolina
1966         Don Ihde, Southern Illinois University
1967         George B. Thomas, University of Virginia
1968*        Robert L. Arrington, Georgia State University
1968*        Phillip R. Costanzo, University of Florida
1969*        James F. Harris, University of Georgia
1969*        John Beversluis, Emory University
1970         Richard D. Parry, Agnes Scott College
1971         Edward S. Shirley, Louisiana State University
1972         Allen Gibbons, East Carolina University
1973         Alan E. Fuchs, College of William and Mary
1974         Roger J. Sullivan, University of South Carolina
1975         Paul Tibbets, University of Dayton
1976         George Graham, University of Alabama-Birmingham
1977         Gerald W. Casenave, Vanderbilt University
1978         Jeffrey Tlumak, Vanderbilt University
1979         H. Scott Hestevold, University of Alabama
1980         Mark C. Overvold, Virginia Commonwealth
1981         Peter J. Markie, Univ. of Missouri-Columbia
1982         Alfred L. Mele, Davidson College
1983         Judith Andre, Old Dominion University
1984         David N. James, Longwood College
1985         Dorothy Coleman, Bowdoin College
1986         Michael P. Smith, Davidson College
1987         Richard McCarty, East Carolina University
1988         James Robert Peters, University of the South
1989         Lila Luce, University of Alabama-Birmingham
1990         Piers Rawling, University of Georgia
1991         Kirk Ludwig, University of Florida
1992         Robert Wilson, Cornell University
1993         Victoria McGeer, Vanderbilt University
1994         Paul Davies, University of North Carolina
1995         Steven Hales, University of Bloomsburg
1996         Claire Elise Katz, University of Memphis
1997         Seth Holtzman, Murray State University
1998         Michael P. Lynch, University of Mississippi
1999         Jonathan A. Waskan, Washington University, St. Louis
2000         Jennifer McKitrick, University of Alabama-Birmingham
2001         David Shoemaker, Cal State Northridge
2002         Thomas W. Polger, University of Cincinnati
2003         Chase B. Wrenn, University of Alabama
2004         Alan Coates, Vanderbilt University
2005         John Collins, East Carolina University
2006         Andrea Scarantino, Georgia State University
2007         Max Deutsch, East Carolina University
2008         Steven Todd, University of Cennecticut
2009         Justin Tiehen, University of Puget Sound
2010         Theodore Bach, University of Connecticut
2011         Corey Maley, Princeton University
2012         Myrto Mylopoulos, CUNY Graduate Center
2013         Paul Carron, Baylor University
2014         Shannon Spaulding, Oklahoma State University
2015         Michael Roche, Mississippi State University
2016         Cameron Buckner, University of Houston
2017         Danielle Wylie, Mississippi State University

*There were two winners in each of these years

Psychology Winners:                          

1958        Warren Willingham, US Naval School of Aviation
1959        Alfred E. Kuenzli, Southern Illinois University
1960        Daniel Smersh Lordahl, Washington University
1961        Dempsey F. Pennington, University of Alabama
1962        W. W. Dawson, US Army Medical Res. Lab
1963        Leonard E. Jarrad, Washington and Lee University
1964        Vesta C. Skees, University of Louisville
1965        William P. ParĂ©, Boston College
1966        Norman R. Remley, University of Florida
1967        Henry B. van Twyver, University of Florida
1968        Thomas K. Hearn, Jr., College of William and Mary
1969        Ben B. Morgan, Jr., University of Louisville
1970        Malcolm W. Huckabee, Southern Mississippi
1971        George W. Menzer, University of Louisville
1972        L. James Shapiro, University of Manitoba
1973        G. Rufus Sessions, Walter Reed Army Institute
1974        Mary Ellen C. Chernovetz, University of Tulsa
1975        Frank Holly, U.S. Army Aeromedical Research
1976        Louis M. Proenza, University of Georgia
1977        Mary G. Boyd, College of Charleston
1978        Gerald P. Kreuger, Johns Hopkins University
1979        Richard A. Burns, Georgia Southwestern
1980        Sarah McLeod Miller, University of Virginia
1981        Sara Stokes Benzel, Georgia State University
1982        Michale N. O’Malley, University of Colorado
1983        Lynn Percival, Naval Aerospace Medical Research Lab
1984        Douglas E. Landon, Army Aeromedical Lab
1985        Michael D. Chafetz, Tulane University
1987        Carol S. Holding, University of Louisville
1988        Mark W. Scerbo, T Systems
1990        Mary Lynne Dittmar, University of Alabama -Huntsville
1991        Kelly Gurley Lambert, Randolph-Macon College
1992        Wendy A. Rogers, Memphis State University
1993        David A. Washburn, Georgia State University
1994        Nick Haslam, New School for Social Research
1995        Alfred Witkofsky, College of Charleston
1996        Cecilia M. Acocella, Washington College
1997        Leslee K. Pollina, Southeast Missouri State University
1998        Harold H. Greene, Morris Brown College
1999        Michael J. Beran, Georgia State University
2000        Thomas J. Capo, Auburn University
2001        John Paul Minda, University of Illinois
2002        Samuel Fernandez-Carriba, Georgia State University
2003        Claudio Cantalupo, Georgia State University
2004        William S. Helton, Wilmington College
2005        Dawn Morales, University of Pennsylvania
2006        Lauren A. Taglialatela, Emory University
2009        Joshua Redford, University at Buffalo, SUNY
2010        Justin J. Couchman, University at Buffalo, SUNY
2011        Lisa Heimbauer, Georgia State University
2012        Matthew Wisniewski, University at Buffalo, SUNY
2013        Bonnie Perdue, Georgia State University
2014        Reggie Paxton Gazes, Zoo Atlanta
2015        Andrew Kelly, Georgia Gwinnett College
2016        Charles Van Stockum, Jr., University of Louisville
2017        Alexandria Zakrzewski, University of Richmond

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